West SMS charity advocating civilized new

"xiadou tree every word and action image, every little bit civilized fashion, brick building Hartford, undivided attention civilized city……" Recently, the west area of China Mobile Xining branch held the "civilized transmission xiadou" public service messages, MMS contest, attracted thousands of people to actively participate in. For a time, engendering civilization message, spread civilization become the conscious action.

Wang Xiaobin said the people, civilized text is actually a reminder to the people of the participating every word and action, he is in the message around the subtle life as the content, and put them condensed into a beautiful poem, hoping to spread to more people, let people feel the city civilization everywhere. West District civilization office official said, has spread such a message, advocate civilization, the spread of civilization, civilization leading role from the side of the public to play, we have reason to look forward to, with the education and guidance, good at giving systematic guidance of solid civilization, strict governance according to law, civilization will be blowing through every corner of our city.

it is understood that, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres and the masses to participate in the original works, as long as consistent with national laws and regulations, highlight the ideological and moral connotations, positive value, novel, creative and you can get a souvenir. Finally, the organizers will be selected by experts and online voting to determine the final award, participants can receive a maximum of 500 yuan reward. After the end of the selection of outstanding works of the organizers will SMS recommended to participate in the construction of spiritual civilization in Qinghai Province Office of the steering committee and the Qinghai Internet Information Office organized advocacy network, build a network of new civilization "online prize collecting activities. The solicitation activities deadline is July 21st, the general public can submit works through the mobile phone to send text messages to 106573110160 or send email to [email protected]. For more information, please visit the west district government network, Xining, http://s.www.xncx.gov.cn/. Tel: 0971-6140000. (author: Zhang Tang Zhonghai)

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