Weekend ushered in a small peak worship

fire vehicle registration, traffic police command, set up a special inspection…… March 28th, Qingming Eve, in the vicinity of the city’s major cemetery can see a similar busy scene. Many people in order to avoid the peak of the Qingming Festival, have chosen to focus on these two days of worship, the city ushered in a small peak worship.
orderly mountain vehicle big and small vehicles then a car, in the traffic police under the command of slowly pulled out, orderly. March 28th at 10 in the morning, the reporter saw at the south of the junction of the south, to the grave army here, the traffic flow is much more obvious than usual. Although the traffic is very large, but because there are traffic police at the scene to ease the command, and did not cause congestion. It is understood that not only the south of the road, there is a traffic police command, in the city more than a cemetery near the police have also been sent to the scene to divert. During the vernal equinox, Qingming and other worship peak, the city’s traffic police department will be sent to the police on duty, in order to sacrifice the vehicle on the road, to ease the command, to avoid traffic jams. The public worship of civilization to enhance awareness of
a bunch of flowers, a glass of wine can also be mourning, today, more and more people choose to have no paper, or paper in the centralized location specified. March 28th, the reporter to follow the city’s forest fire prevention headquarters office staff together before heading south, along the way most of the people in the civilized worship. But it is also found that a small number of people are still lit fire, but when the people warned that some of the people will immediately put out the fire.

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