Reasonably guide the development of service industry

March 31st afternoon, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the executive meeting of the municipal government, the meeting considered the "Xining modern service industry agglomeration district construction implementation plan (Draft)", "Xining city rail transit network planning (Draft)", "Xining City Environmental Sanitation Management Ordinance (Revised Draft)".

meeting stressed that, from the current point of view, the proportion of Xining’s service industry and the level is still low, the development of relatively backward, the city’s economic and social development is still a short board". All regions and relevant departments should further improve the understanding of the importance and urgency of the development of the service industry, adhere to the production service industry and the service life of both industries, modern service industry and traditional service industry simultaneously, vigorously develop all kinds of convenience and benefit, increase employment service market. We should constantly improve the development level of service industry agglomeration, and build a modern service industry gathering area. To actively learn from the field of good experience and practices to promote the rapid and orderly development of the service industry cluster. It is necessary to guide the development of the service industry, and strive to create a favorable environment for the development of the service sector.

the meeting pointed out that the city rail transit project is our current and future period, the largest investment and construction period is the longest and broadest comprehensive major infrastructure projects, the provincial government, the municipal government attaches great importance to. The early stage of the project has been carried out smoothly, and has achieved some results. The next step is to firmly establish the idea of a chess game, closely cooperate with each other to form a concerted effort to promote the project approval and other preparatory work, to ensure that the light rail line 1 during the year to start construction.

meeting requirements, city environmental sanitation management efforts to unremittingly. To actively guide the broad masses of the people involved in the city, and constantly improve the overall quality of urban civilization, enhance the degree of social civilization, and promote the continuous improvement of urban environmental health. To strengthen the supervision and inspection, to establish and perfect the safeguard measures, effective assessment methods and accountability measures, to continue to strengthen the fine management consciousness, the whole city is to push forward the "five LIAN" as an opportunity to start from little work, continue to build a civilized, clean and orderly city image.

meeting also conveyed the spirit of the national two sessions, requiring all regions and departments to implement the actual work. Firmly insist the development goal, the spirit of reform and innovation through work, the three three real strict requirements through work always, to work consciously into the mass line of educational practice, to implement, to ensure effectiveness.


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