Xining to strengthen food hygiene supervision around the school site banned 2

in order to ensure that the Xining city schools around the food hygiene and safety, recently, Municipal Health Bureau, city and district two level hygiene supervision departments in our city in primary and secondary schools surrounding food production units, snack stalls and other for the supervision and inspection and on-site rapid detection. Among them, the nitrite content of 23 snack stalls in food hygiene indicators for the rapid qualitative detection field, banned 2 unlicensed stalls.


check to schools around the food business units and major parks, entertainment, restaurants, tea and snack stalls as the focus, to take on-site inspection and sampling methods, to the practitioners of health certificates, personal hygiene and dust and flies and cleaning facilities, tableware disinfection for the supervision and inspection etc.. The test results show that the majority of business units according to the request for "three certificates", "disinfection bowl" using more standardized, health monitoring indicators in line with national health standards. (author: Wang Zi)


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