Xining this year a number of actions to create a landscape garden landscape

to the city will build a "livable industry, should tour the plateau landscape garden tourist city, this garden department conducted a landscape upgrade and transformation of some landscape effect of garden and Green Street, and actively create a good street scenery.

this year in our city to vigorously promote the construction of the theme park at the same time, also completed a comprehensive Ruiyuan intersection, Huasheng Road 16 temporary Green Village Road, No. twenty-five Road, 14 Road Street renovation work, a substantial increase in the number of the city’s clove planting, strive to build Kunlun Avenue and Nanshan park landscape features significant clove upgrade, create a unique floral plateau clove of city landscape. According to the "51", "Green Fair" and other festivals and activities, the city’s 18 Street building, set up more than 30 large Mosaiculture, rich city street, beautiful city green space.

at the same time, also completed 210 streets, 60 cars and Qingtang city ruins park, park green trees Ning missing trees and hedges, suspended lawn bald spots replanting replanting work, eliminate road bald spots, bare situation, reduce dust pollution in city. On the landscape of poor Lu Qing Park, Nanshan Road, garden and street greenbelt landscape upgrade, rich green plant configuration, improving the landscape maintenance facilities, add to the rich cultural connotation of the landscape wall, Tinglang, people built a good landscape everywhere green street and garden. (author: small words)

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