Xining 400 thousand file management will have local regulations

April 3rd, the seventeenth executive meeting of the municipal government to consider the adoption of the Xining Municipal Archives Management Regulations (Draft) has been submitted to the Municipal People’s Congress for consideration, which is the first file Xining local regulations. At the same time, the "Xining archives management regulations (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations" (Draft)) a number of content in the city’s archives work are the first, will further promote the city’s scientific development of archival undertakings.

file is the history of footprints, experience summary, is an important social resources and valuable wealth. Archival undertaking is an important part of social undertakings, and archival work is closely related to national economy and social development. At present, the city has the city, district (county) two national comprehensive archives (Museum), the 8 professional archives, the management of the city’s nearly 400 thousand volumes (volume) files and information. Since the implementation of the archives management measures of Xining Municipality in 2001, it has played an important role in regulating the archives management of our city. However, with the continuous development of our economy and social undertakings, we have put forward more and more requirements for the economic and social development of archival work. Such as the formation of a large number of electronic information storage and management in the construction of information technology, the bankruptcy of enterprises, temporary agencies, intermediary organizations, such as the attribution of the management of the lack of a viable legal basis.

in this context, the "Xining file management approach" for local regulations appear necessary and urgent. The upcoming implementation of the "Regulations (Draft)" to reflect the characteristics of Xining, in terms of content and terms focused on targeted, applicability, long-term and operability. Among them, the "Regulations (Draft)" in the form of legislation on the establishment of archives and responsibilities and file management are clearly defined, to ensure the security and confidentiality of the file information. "Regulations (Draft)" also clearly open to the community, the provisions of the economic, scientific, technological, cultural and other types of files, you can always open to the community."

in addition, the "Regulations (Draft)" has increased the content of the file work of the revised information on the requirements of the file management more times. (author: Sheng Nan)


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