Xining strive to three years of private investment

in order to enhance the economic strength of Xining city and the development of private economy development plan to double the implementation of Xining City, by the end of 2015, the city’s private enterprises more than 17000 households; the city’s private economy added value of more than 60 billion yuan, increasing the proportion of the city’s GDP to 45%; private investment more than 90 billion yuan, and strive to reach 100 billion yuan; the city’s private enterprises patent applications for more than 1300 pieces of patents reached more than 700.

Xining City, before the formal introduction of the development of the private economy in Xining city "doubling plan" put forward clearly, to the end of 2015, the number of employment of private enterprises in the city exceeded 210 thousand people, and strive to reach 220 thousand people; the city’s private enterprise tax revenue exceeded 9 billion yuan, and strive to reach 10 billion yuan.

according to the "Xining private economic development plan", the development of private economy in Xining covers modern agriculture, new industries, modern service industry. Which, by the end of 2015, and strive to the leading enterprises of the city’s municipal agriculture and animal husbandry industry reached more than 180 households, livestock product processing and conversion rate of 55%; the city has more than 10 sales revenue of new industrial private enterprises over 1 billion yuan, more than 10 households over 2 billion yuan, 1 households to 2 households over ten billion yuan.

will become the main force to cultivate the private economy of the economic and social development, Xining proposed, strengthen financial support, from 2013 to 2015, the municipal government for not less than 100 million yuan of special funds, focusing on the construction of entrepreneurial base in the County Industrial Park and all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises, to support the policy of Guarantee Corporation to expand the scale of support for industry leading enterprises to implement the merger according to the integration of market mechanism. And improve the service guidance system, optimize the industrial layout, bigger and stronger private enterprises. Xining is also clear, increase investment efforts, highlighting the leading industry investment, investment in key areas, consolidate the basis of investment projects. (author: Sheng Nan)

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