Qinghai Grand Theater staged a Russian style repertoire Red Star dancing Swan Dance

red star singing and dancing

I love you China, I love you china……" The evening of January 7th, "forever Red Star" to the Chinese song "I love you China," the opening, the artists one opening, won thunderous applause from the audience. From time to time the audience exclaimed, "for the first time to listen to so many Russian friends sing such a standard Chinese song, too wonderful." After the Russian army staged dance, dance, dance and other Russian Cossack army seaman, both the magnificent atmosphere, write and draw freely as one wishes, and the Russian national passion. The audience in the rhythm of the rhythm of the rhythm of the music, applause after another, the excitement of the entire theater.

is reported that the Russian Red Army Red Star Song and dance ensemble was founded in 1977, is an army song and dance ensemble, and the Ministry of the Red Army Song and dance troupe, Alexander red flag song and dance ensemble and known as the three largest Russian art. The red star has absorbed the Russian army and the most talented young people, creating a unique style of performance, become the art group currently Russia’s most powerful and energetic, including choir, band, dance and soloists, nearly 350 people. The song and dance troupe has also participated in the celebration of the return of Hongkong in 1997 and a special performance, and its high performance has received a lot of praise.

relative to the other performances of the Qinghai Grand Theatre Spring Festival season, "forever Red Star" attracted a large number of middle-aged and old audience. That night, the red star and featured a number of Soviet love songs, household "Katyusha" and "red flowers", a song of classic red songs let them relive that burning passion. When the Russian song "Moscow Nights" accompaniment softly sounded familiar melody, let the audience echoed Taiwan, the artists use the Russian language interpretation of love, the audience at the theatre on both sides of the display Chinese lyrics echoed, so a "thousand chorus" will be the the show to a climax.

that night, in addition to singing a large number of songs and songs of the Red Star ensemble, but also shows the superb choral skills of the Russian folk songs, "snowball", "black eyes" and so on. The show will sing, dance, musical instruments, the three one, in addition to give the audience a popular war song, the infectious dance also affects every audience’s nerves, or the audience with passionate dance beat, or the audience.

"Swan Dance elegant scenery

if the customs special "forever Red Star" let the audience in Qinghai had a strong interest in Russia, then known as the classical ballet "Swan Lake" to attract more viewers in the new year to see the Russian ballet of great ingenuity. The evening of January 8th, the Qinghai Grand Theatre in All seats are occupied., admiring audience early admission, many parents with ballet or are going to learn a child watching ballet.

is reported that the Russian National Ballet Department of the Russian Ministry of culture directly under the leadership of the national art group;

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