Qinghai Province high end innovative talent thousand people plan the implementation of the introdu

to promote the implementation of thousands of high-end innovative talents plan to regulate the introduction and training of high-end innovative talent work program to promote the province’s economic and social development of high-end creative talent team building. Recently, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department in conjunction with the Provincial Department of human resources and social security and other 16 units to develop the introduction of the Qinghai Province, the top ten thousand people plan to implement the detailed rules.

the "implementation rules" standard "in Qinghai province high level innovative talents people plan reporting procedures and assessment procedures, clear by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security according to the employer demand for high-end talent plan, published" the demand for high-end innovative talents in Qinghai province "directory, reporting, assessment and accreditation work organized every year two. In addition, in order to achieve the precision and depth of the goal of training talents, that the employer must formulate the personnel training project to declare the high-end talent (team) training plan, training methods, clear goal; declare to the introduction of talent project and the introduction of personnel (team) signed a work contract or intention agreement, the two sides clear responsibility and obligation.

at the same time, also refine the introduction of talent training, policy support, the introduction of talent can enjoy the highest 1 million 500 thousand yuan special support, personnel training can enjoy the highest 1 million yuan special support; on the introduction and cultivation of innovative entrepreneurial team were given 200 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan of funds to support the team building; based on introduction and cultivation of talents reporting major special projects and key research projects, research projects, to give priority to support the training and introduction of talents; according to the procedure declaration that the qualifications of associate senior professional titles above; the introduction of talent can also enjoy the salary, housing, finance, tax, in social insurance, spouse employment, medical services, children, children’s education and the founder of the enterprise, financial support, staffing, intellectual property protection, communication studies and other preferential policies. The introduction and training of talents (team) the use and management of special funds to support the provisions of the employing unit to separate accounting, special fund for special funds for special support; training and introduction of personnel (team) to implement a comprehensive assessment, the assessment work by the employer organization, Department office and the provincial human resources and social security, talent guidance and comprehensive management.

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