Wang Yubo and other proposals to set up special funds for the treatment of geological disasters in X

attended the two session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the province National People’s Congress, Wang Yubo, Han Yongdong, Bai Cheng Su flower show jointly recommended that the central government set up special funds to carry out the management of major geological disasters in Qinghai city of Xining province.

says, Xining is the gateway to Qinghai, and the window, located in the west of China’s Loess Plateau Huangshui River is a tributary of the the Yellow River River four River Interchange, surrounded by the loess hills surrounded by the urban area of 350 square kilometers, the urban area of 76 square kilometers. Restricted by the special geographical and climatic and ecological environment of the Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai city suitable for living area less, fewer, and in the northeast edge of Qinghai city of Xining Province, with the area of its incomparable advantages in location, climatic conditions and accumulation of resources, technology, talents and capital factors. In recent years, with the deep promotion of western development, the provincial capital of Xining city construction has achieved great development, has undergone profound changes in urban and rural areas, the city’s leading role is more and more obvious, significantly enhance the comprehensive service functions.

suggested that the Xining City narrow valley terrace width of only 3 to 4 kilometers, around the river is as high as 100 ~ jdsg 300 meters high and steep slope belt, topographic and geological conditions are poor, serious geological hazard is very serious, the city around 294 points of geological disasters, including 144 for large geological disaster moreover, collapse, landslide and debris flow disasters have occurred, not only restricts the Xining sound and rapid development, but also pose a serious threat to the urban area of nearly 57 thousand and 500 people and nearly 9 billion yuan of the life and property safety. The distribution and development of geological hazards, such as collapse, landslide and debris flow, are the first in china.

in order to improve Xining city security and geological disaster prevention ability, Qinghai provincial government attaches great importance to geological disaster management, especially the management of major geological disasters in Xining city as a key project of ecological environment construction and improve people’s livelihood, have been included in the plans for prevention and control of geological disasters in Qinghai, "12th Five-Year" during the stage of development of Engineering management. Because of Qinghai’s economic development lags behind, the financial income mainly depends on the central transfer payments, such a major geological disaster prevention project of Qinghai Province, it is difficult to implement the central financial funds, need to give attention and support. In accordance with the prevention and control planning, after repeated demonstration, the total project funds 1 billion 900 million yuan, the need for support and investment in the central government. In order to the development of the provincial capital of Xining and the safety of the lives and property of the people, it is suggested that the major geological disaster control project of Qinghai Province in Xining should be included in the national geological disaster control project, and the key support should be given.


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