This year the four magic so that people affordable consumption

"the development of circulation industry, foster new consumption hot spots, to ensure market supply, strengthen market supervision, the beginning of this year, our province will focus on promoting the market consumption efforts to encourage people to affordable, convenient consumption.

– the development of circulation industry in our province and will continue to support the transformation of a number of agricultural products wholesale market, an important commodity reserve facilities, accelerate the construction of farmers’ markets, supermarkets. Encourage the development of chain enterprises, to promote the extension of multi industry, multi format, with convenience and benefit for the purpose of the development of community residents convenience stores and service outlets.

cultivate new consumption hot spots: to promote the development of e-commerce, promote the upgrading of traditional retail enterprises. Improve the Xining, Hainan, Golmud housekeeping service system, the development of mass catering, brand catering, specialty food and beverage, catering chain management. Based on the characteristic of the tourist season and holiday consumption, the Spring Festival, a large set of special purchases for the Spring Festival shopping, special purchases for the Spring Festival consumer promotion month and other activities of enterprise development, vigorously develop the market.

– security market supply: the cultivation of large market regulation subject, strengthen the production and marketing, to guide large-scale circulation enterprises to establish a stable relationship between supply and production base and suppliers, improve emergency dispatch and emergency delivery network. Guide the establishment and improvement of local important commodity reserve system, increase the daily necessities and emergency commodity inventory, improve emergency supply capacity.

– to strengthen market supervision: crack down on hoarding and profiteering and price gouging business alliance, price collusion and other price violations, regulate the relationship and transaction behavior, promote the construction of commercial credit system, to create a good market environment, promote consumer safety.


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