Remediation of the coal market to reduce atmospheric environment

Coal as a major factor in air pollution, was listed as the focus, the comprehensive management of air pollution in our city recently, many departments of the Municipal Economic Commission Joint Industry and commerce, quality supervision, introduced a number of measures to rectify the coal market, banned more than and 100 coal or coal business, for atmospheric environmental burden.

for a long time, the coal market in our city because of the extensive management, lack of supervision and decentralized management and other factors, resulting in the coal market is in disorder operating conditions, the vast majority of individual business stalls for operating without license, widespread sales of bituminous coal, adulterated and Quejinshaoliang, pollution of the atmospheric environment and other phenomena. Part of the residents of small stoves, small restaurants and small workshops, such as the use of bituminous coal combustion after the purchase of excessive sulfur emissions, causing serious pollution to the air. In order to reduce the coal burning air pollution, led by the Municipal Economic Commission, the three County Federation of industry and commerce, quality supervision, four district government departments had a special rectification action in the range of three to four counties in the region to carry out key ban does not have market access qualifications, and undocumented illegal coal operators; fight against doping and strictly limit the low-quality coal into the market; the implementation of coal heap places cover, hardening, sprinkler dust suppression measures, reduce dust pollution.

through strong measures, at present, Datong coal business households 88, banned 41, rectification 47; Huangyuan County coal business households 28, banned 11, rectification 17; Huangzhong County coal business households 96, banned 21, rectification 75; and in the four district in the city, north of the city area as a concentrated area of coal trading places, in 34 households, banned 22, rectification 12; City area coal business households 22, banned 18, rectification 4; East District of coal business households 10, banned 7 the whole family, 3;   west area of coal business households 5, banned 4, rectification 1.

at the same time, the City Commission will establish a long-term regulatory mechanism for the coal market. In the county as the main body, the implementation of localization, network management, to further clarify the environmental protection, quality supervision, industry and Commerce Division of labor, to increase supervision of coal sales outside the franchise market. The basic elimination of the city built two coal dust pollution in the region, to achieve urban and county built without coal heap places scattered in the area, centralized trading market to take effective measures to clean dust and road facilities, coal vehicle sealed, basically solve the two city coal dust pollution.


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