Xining city light construction projects in the integrity of public signs

"do not resort to fraud project bidding; do not ask the owners to eat and drink; not to the owners of gifts, gifts and a variety of securities, credit cards and other payments." This is the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the project area is provided by the construction unit of the publicity card sample. Small public signs, so that cadres and workers everywhere, according to their own ideas, the end of their words and deeds.

it is understood that, in order to further strengthen the work of the project construction work, to promote the city’s active acceptance of the project and the community’s supervision of the masses, from the source to prevent and curb the occurrence of corruption. Recently, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice, the requirement of the future belonged to each project construction units in the project started, the timely establishment of "urban district construction project supervision publicity" in the project construction site prominently, accept supervision by the masses.

reporter observed that the integrity of the contents of the main contents of the publicity board includes the name of the project, the construction unit, responsible person, supervision units, supervision telephone, honest commitment and other matters. The establishment of the independent publicity card, to continue to strengthen the construction project of anti-corruption work, and strive to achieve the goal of project quality and cadres, to better quality, better service, better management and higher efficiency standards, the successful completion of the project construction tasks.

at the same time, the City District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the city will be composed of the central procuratorate joint inspection team on the construction unit to establish public signs of supervision and inspection. Do not require the establishment of independent public security brand construction units will be notified within the region. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Jing)



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