To improve the environmental quality and create a livable city

October 18th, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a middle-level cadres meeting, the municipal Party Congress, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Secretary Shi Chao convey the spirit of the city’s thirteen Congress

October 18th, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held more than middle-level cadres meeting, the municipal Party Congress, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Secretary Shi Chao convey the spirit of the thirteen party congress. Xining city environmental protection work closely around the construction of the plateau landscape garden city of the thirteen Party Congress, efforts to promote green development, has taken new steps to promote the center city ecological civilization level requirements, put forward to improve the quality of the environment, the plateau landscape to create a garden city livable environment. Focus on the following work:

is a to create a national environmental protection model city as the starting point, around the "cod" in 12th Five-Year, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen oxides total control and pollution reduction targets, the all-round implementation of pollution reduction measures, the greater the environmental capacity and pollutant emissions for the city’s economic and social development for "12th Five-Year".

two is to water, gas, solid waste pollution control as the focus, increase pollution prevention and control efforts, and constantly improve the quality of urban environment. To promote the sewage outfall remediation as the starting point, do a good job of water environmental protection and governance. The full implementation of the water into the city "project, to speed up the coast Huangshui River main stream and tributaries of the sewage outfall remediation work, eliminate sewage Huangshuihe River and its tributaries, the Huangshui River Basin in Xining section of the complete collection and processing, monitoring, the complete elimination of the five bad water quality, small gap section water to reach the target water environmental function zoning.

three is to enhance air quality as the core, do a good job in the comprehensive improvement of regional environment. Urban and county seat of the government as the focus, adhere to the combination of non-point source management and point source governance, continue to promote environmental concentration and control, to maintain stable and sustained improvement in air quality. Focus on catering fumes, coal-fired boilers, dust pollution and vehicle exhaust pollution control, and effectively improve the quality of life of the masses of the general public.

four is to focus on pollution prevention and control, to ensure the safe disposal of solid waste. In the Industrial Park as the focus, highlighting the pollution prevention and control of non-ferrous metals, chemical, cement and other industries, the implementation of heavy metal pollution remediation and industrial wastewater disposal in Xining historical chromium slag as the focus, to achieve centralized pollution control and treatment. To speed up the construction progress of Qinghai hazardous waste and Xining medical waste disposal center, strengthen the environmental supervision of solid waste, especially hazardous waste, and further improve the comprehensive utilization of solid waste.

five is to increase environmental supervision to ensure environmental safety. Efforts to address key enterprises, industry, regional environmental problems, to protect the environment, to deal with the petition and environmental protection of the masses environmental protection 110 report cases, safeguard the rights and interests of the masses.

six is to increase environmental capacity building, and constantly improve the level of environmental protection business team. The establishment of the whole society to participate in environmental protection work mechanism, scientific and effective prevention of environmental pollution. < /;

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