Childlike innocence to the party 71 Xining campus cultural activities

Yongding River, out of the mountains, clear water around the Gulf of Beijing……" With a tune of fresh and lively new songs "Lu ditch ballad", in the party’s birthday to the occasion, "innocence to the party sing nursery rhyme" Chengxi District outstanding performance activities kicked off at Qinghai Normal University’s auditorium. Activities in the form of competition, from the area of Taiwan, Jia Xiaozhuang, victory road, 10 primary school students to participate in. Children with beautiful melodies, beautiful singing voice, fully demonstrated the plateau of the ancient city of primary school students to the party, the healthy growth of style.

stage, children naivete movements, full of childish face, really reflects the childlike innocence. Pure voice, as if the audience back to childhood. Excellent performances in chorus or nursery rhymes or songs, dance drama form, is the scene of the students and the audience "," children "pretty rich multicolored decorations of the flag of the", "happy forever" and a dream nursery song beautiful new and old nursery rhymes. "Civilized knowledge and etiquette" nursery rhyme performance closely linked to the creation of civilized city, advocate civilized, polite, from the side of the little things, do a good manners and civilized students. New song "my dream", "dream dream Chinese catchy, childlike beauty, outstanding in my hometown, harmonious happy city theme. "Qinghai song" songs to sing a new scene of prosperity of great beauty Qinghai, xiadou charm of economic development and social progress, people live and work in peace. The children’s rhyme of the "rules and regulations" has not only the artistic conception of the ancient culture and the beauty of rhythm, but also the lively, free and easy.

‘s party to sing nursery rhymes "outstanding cultural events to promote excellent nursery rhymes, and guide the children to widely sung, edify sentiment in Sung activities, grow up healthy and happy, to do a moral person. A refreshing, full of the times, close to reality, close to the life of the excellent nursery rhymes for the healthy growth of children to bring a rich spiritual food, imperceptibly cultivate good moral quality.

City District Nanshan Road Primary School to give full play to the educational function of art education, guide students to really, Xiang Shan, to the United States, all-round and harmonious development, the school also organized a "flying dream, show style, shape the mind, edify sentiment" as the theme of the campus art festival in recent days, showing a new era of love for the motherland, pupils full of youthful spirit, the spirit of every day.

City area nursery teachers combined with the actual city children’s cognitive, carefully organized and lively and interesting art and science programs, and actively guide the students intuitive understanding of the motherland, beautiful rivers and mountains of a country of big beautiful Qinghai local customs and practices, give children young hearts left a "beautiful China", "lovely hometown memories.

day, the school in the Xining area carefully organize, adopt various forms to carry out full of sound and colour rich and colorful campus culture activities, to the party’s birthday with a pure and beautiful gift. (author: Xi Tao)

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