Xining Municipal Economic Commission SASAC system to celebrate the ninety anniversary of the found

To commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) in Xining TV studio hall held a theme of "knowledge of the party how much knowledge contest"

solemnly commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) in Xining TV studio hall held the theme of "how much knowledge of the party" knowledge contest. 6 representatives from the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) system participated in the competition. The players quick response calmly, fully embodies the knowledge of the history and construction of CPC, province and city, their excellent performance won warm applause from time to time. The game constantly exciting, climax. After intense competition, the final Xining city Cci Capital Ltd team won the first prize of this talent shows itself, knowledge competition, the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) team, Xining city public transport limited liability company on behalf of the team and the Xining Real Estate Group Co. Ltd. on behalf of the team, the Xining water (group) limited liability company team, small and medium sized enterprises in Xining credit Company limited by guarantee on behalf of the team won the competition two or three prize.

this knowledge contest with the form of on-site knowledge contest, divided into individuals will answer, the team a total of questions, grab the answer, audio-visual questions and risk of the five links. In the individual group will answer and answer session, the participating teams full of rich history knowledge and the spirit of cooperation, the correct rate is extremely high; in the rush to answer link, the players are even more closely, will match to a climax again; in the risk question link, each team three players Peigemoqi, to the rich the history of knowledge and excellent performance won the audience bursts of applause. At the same time, in the competition with the audience to participate in the answer, further active atmosphere of the stadium, to a large extent, to achieve the purpose of the majority of Party members to promote learning.

this knowledge contest organized by the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC), Xining city Cci Capital Ltd contractors, the SASAC system responsible comrades of the various units to participate in more than 90 representatives on behalf of the scene to watch the competition.



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