The province issued the opinions to strengthen the protection of children left behind in rural and p

recently, the provincial government issued the "Qinghai Provincial People’s Government on the strengthening of rural and pastoral areas left behind children’s care and protection of the implementation of views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Through the establishment of rural left-behind children care service system, improve the mechanism of protection and assistance left-behind children in rural and pastoral areas and in rural and pastoral areas left-behind children source prevention mechanism, and gradually formed the rural and pastoral areas in our province left-behind children care protection pattern.

the "opinions" clear the main responsibility of guardianship and family of county, Township People’s government and village committees (animal husbandry, neighborhood) responsibilities, encourage and support social organizations, social organizations and professional social workers, volunteers and other forces to participate in efforts to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in life, child care, in the process of growth of left behind, to form a good atmosphere of the whole society to care for the left-behind children.

at the same time, "opinions" in the establishment of rural and pastoral areas of the left behind children protection mechanism to clear the three aspects: first, clear the main body of mandatory reporting. Schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, the village (neighborhood committees, animal husbandry), social work services, assistance management institutions, welfare institutions and their staff, to fulfill the mandatory reporting responsibilities, separate from the custody left-behind children living or missing and to report to the public security organs found in the work, and timely reporting of violations of left-behind children illegal crime clues. The two is to clear the emergency response and intervention work process. The left behind children’s legitimate rights and interests are infringed upon, the public security organs shall accept the relevant report, the first time out of the police investigation, the relevant departments to form a cohesive force, adhere to the children’s interests principle, timely protection or placement of left-behind children, and all kinds of crime according to the admissibility of punishment against left-behind children rights, the guardian does not fulfill the legitimate rights and interests of guardianship a duty or abuse of minors, according to the circumstances, should be investigated for legal responsibility of guardians of minors and other violations of the law. Three is a clear assessment of helping system. The Township People’s Government (street offices) received the public security organs for left-behind children infringement notice, in conjunction with relevant departments, the security situation of left-behind children care, physical and mental health status were investigated and evaluated, to arrange care guidance, medical treatment, legal aid and other professional services.

is to ensure that the "opinions" play a positive role, the "opinions" emphasizes the people’s governments at all levels of responsibility, strict supervision and assessment, increase accountability efforts, due to poor supervision measures, dereliction of duty, violation of left-behind children to cause serious consequences, relevant personnel should be held accountable.


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