Three museum is expected to be delivered in September next year

Public concern for libraries, cultural centers, art museum, three museum construction is like a raging fire, until the end of June, the "three center" project all the preparatory work has been fully completed, the demolition work has been basically completed, has a total investment of 26 million yuan.

it is understood that the "three Hall" construction is the implementation of the province in 12th Five-Year during the provincial key cultural infrastructure projects, the main content is to retain and transform a new library building, library two, provincial cultural museum, art museum, to form a continuous culture building in Xinning group on the south side of the square, to enhance the space surrounding buildings sunning Plaza layout, build the platform of provincial public culture, meet the people’s spiritual and cultural needs. Three Hall project total construction area of 33000 square meters, a total investment of 264 million yuan, started in September 22, 2013, plans to the end of September 2015 delivery.

at the end of June, the "three center" project all the preparatory work has been completed, the impact of the construction of "three in one" and the demolition work completed, A (Library) outdoor rain and sewage pipe network renovation project has been completed and put into use, the surface of earth has been cleared. B area (Cultural Museum, Art Museum) bored pile and concrete pouring has been completed 75% of the total. C area (fire pool and pump room part) civil construction and installation has been completed, the fire control circuit and equipment to be normal after the completion of the new and old facilities.


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