The western end of the month the whole place heating aid

Recently, a reporter from the west district government was informed that this year, the west district general subsistence allowances for needy families, "three", the general rural subsistence allowances for needy families, "five objects" family winter heating aid began to issue, the end of the month will be issued in place. Urban and rural families living in winter heating assistance, is the party and the government to solve the problem of family life is a major move, is the heart of the masses, an important manifestation of governing for the people. As of now, for the 2187 City low-income families in 37 households, three no object heating aid issued more than 123 yuan, 245 rural households generally low-income families in 13 households and rural five objects "make home heating assistance payments 108 thousand yuan. At the same time, the west area of Party organizations at all levels of positive action, "three objects" and rural "Five Guarantees", to visit, arrange their life in winter, carry out the contact hardship and other social mutual aid activities, establish a regular review system, the implementation of household policy, ensure their daily life, a person responsible for. Currently, the area has been accumulated to help the object to send flour, edible oil, rice and cash totaling more than 10 yuan.  

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