Usher in the peak distribution of affordable housing

This year the city low-income housing allocation entered into the peak, but also the heavy task of building There was no parallel in history. city housing security department, strictly implement the construction of low-income housing policy and tax preferential policies, accelerate the construction of low-income housing supporting infrastructure. At present, the city has started the construction of low-income housing 47790 sets, the transformation of the city shantytowns reached 40305 units, the merger of low rent housing and public rental housing construction 7399 units, especially in the bankrupt enterprise old dilapidated houses dismantle the new contiguous shantytowns based, to solve and improve the housing problems of low-income families in many cities. Shen Zhai village "village", mutual Road on the north side of the road area, Menyuan shantytowns and Qaidam Road, low-income housing construction projects, this year in shantytowns based low-income housing construction has reached the peak in the city, according to the development of the housing levy situation of the city, the city in accordance with the urban linkage mechanism, leading to the housing levy and carry out the pilot work to promote the construction of low-income housing repurchase. At the same time open up the green channel, and actively strive for national and provincial subsidies, the implementation of municipal matching funds to ensure the smooth start of the project on schedule. One side of the building will be built to protect the housing tenants to implement. The real estate sector active inventory of low-income housing supply, strict allocation procedure, improve the supporting policies, the implementation of public rental housing and low rent housing merger operation of public rental housing and low rent housing unified management, strict implementation of the access and exit mechanism, and comprehensively promote the construction of low-income housing, distribution, management of the healthy and orderly development. This year, the city’s social distribution of public rental housing 2130 units, of which the low rent housing units, the successful implementation of the protection of housing construction period for the transition of the transition period of management, affordable housing is being ushered in the peak of the distribution of the 612.  

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