Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry practice to carry out thematic lectures an

10 25, the provincial animal husbandry department organized farming system, special lectures and special training, the course of preaching a close to reality, the rich content of the theory of more than 200 Mingnong pastoral system of grass-roots party organizations and the office of the civil service.

special lectures and training focus on "spirit" to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai’s important speech, the majority of farming system of cadres how to combine the current agricultural work from the "learning" and "two aspects of vivid interpretation. At the same time, the requirements of the majority of Party members and cadres of the agricultural and animal husbandry system control four solid major requirements, to carry out with major requirements are not suited, not in line with the problem investigation.

According to

reports, organize thematic lectures and training, designed to allow the majority of Party members and cadres department within the system fully understand and accurately grasp the spirit of the important speech and profound connotation, to ensure that the "key" Secretary of the party organization in deep learning step, practice the first step.


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