Qilian Mountains Reserve Authority

On the morning of September 17th, the Qilian Mountains nature reserve of Qinghai province was formally established. This is an important measure to strengthen the management and supervision of Qilian Mountains Nature Reserve in our province, which indicates that the Qilian Mountains nature reserve management has entered a new track of specialization, standardization and institutionalization. Qinghai Provincial Nature Reserve Qilian Mountains since 2005, have implemented the three North Shelterbelt, natural forest conservation, reforestation and other forestry ecological construction, forestry department invested a total of 1 billion 340 million yuan. Through the active efforts of all levels of Party committees, governments and relevant departments of the protected areas, the ecological environment of the Qilian Mountains area has been further protected, which has played an important role in the ecological security barrier. This year, the provincial finance and underwritten 100 million yuan, to start the implementation of the Qilian Mountains ecological protection and construction of comprehensive treatment project. In August this year, the provincial government decided to set up the Qilian Mountains Nature Reserve Administration, and held a project to promote the implementation. As the Qilian Mountains nature reserve, Qilian Mountains Department of ecological protection and construction of comprehensive treatment project implementation units, the provincial forestry department will increase the protection and management, increasing the reserve capacity building, strengthen law enforcement and monitoring, to protect the area surrounding ecological sensitive regions in accordance with the management of nature reserves, protection, strict management according to law; regularly organize special inspection of law enforcement action, focusing on inspection and fight against the illegal exploitation of mineral resources, deforestation, destruction of forest land, wetland, illegal poaching and illegal behavior, to maintain normal inspection of law enforcement action. At the same time, organize and guide the masses of cadres and the masses to take the lead in compliance with laws and regulations, take the lead in protecting the ecological resources of Qilian Mountains, in order to improve the ecological environment, the development of ecological economy, promote ecological civilization to make a positive contribution.  

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