How to open a self help jewelry store profitable

is now in the social life, whether some women, or men, for some of the personalized jewelry products are very popular, especially the operation of a self-help jewelry store should sound is very strange.

The self-help jewelry store

this novel romantic, you are interested in go round? Right now, at the forefront of fashion city south of Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the jewelry store is full of gimmicks such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain booming business, but most of them, it is also a good source of income.

to open such a self-service jewelry store, is actually not difficult, first you have to rent an ideal business premises, the area not large, there are a dozen square can, lots of the best selection in educational area, because the consumer is more likely to high cultural taste, style not heavy material of young people accept.

self-help jewelry shop features lies in letting customers yourself jewelry processing, so as to get double harvest. Therefore, unlike other jewelry store, you must prepare enough jewelry parts, including a variety of styles and materials chain, pendant, pendant jewelry material and so on, attention should not be too expensive, but it must be unique.

Gold Diamond like precious jewelry is not suitable for self-help jewelry store, and porcelain, Yixing Putuo, Zhuji, Dongyang pearl shell wood beads are good materials, of course, if you can run farther, will buy more and better materials, such as cloisonne, Beijing Lianyungang, Yunnan Burma jade crystal code etc.. In addition, don’t forget to prepare some small hammer, pliers, scissors and other necessary tools, so you can open a business.

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