Face to face communication and interaction

11 month 30 days, the party spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee provincial delegation respectively to the general office of the provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial United Front Work Department, the provincial court, the provincial organs, provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau, the provincial Bureau of statistics, Xining City, East Sea city to carry out the report will focus on preaching. Organs and units of Party members and cadres, representatives from all walks of life on behalf of a total of more than 2500 people to listen to the report.

Each member of the

provincial delegation with various agencies, units, in the actual work, focus on study and implement the party spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, from the great significance, unswervingly push forward the comprehensive plenary session of the party strictly, strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, the full implementation of the inner-party supervision responsibility, focus on leading cadres and especially senior cadres of the key minority so, the plenary session of the spirit of a systematic interpretation and comprehensive interpretation. Preaching in the provincial propaganda team members to dispel misunderstanding, strengthen interaction, in response to the concern of the masses of cadres.

at each site, preaching the report All seats are occupied. participants are encouraged, responded enthusiastically. We have said that in order to preach as an opportunity to study and implement the spirit of the plenary session into a powerful driving force to promote the spirit of the plenary session into the heart of the heart, and strive to achieve true, true, true, true use.

Provincial Office full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party committee Lu Haiying said that as a party worker, are being carried out in conjunction with the "two a" learning education, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the six plenary session of the Central Committee, hard at work into practice, unswervingly implement the party comprehensively from strict requirements, to create a new situation in the work of Party building.

provincial United Front Work Department cadres director Yan Shuchen said that as a group of cadres, in the work of the organization should adhere to have both ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first selection and employment oriented, heavy program, discipline, strict organizational discipline, the criterion and the inner party supervision regulations, throughout the whole process of organizational work.

Qinghai Daily editorial, economic news director Luo Tibet said, we should learn the spirit of publicize and implement the six plenary session of the Central Committee, and enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, and strive to improve the level of business, continuously enhance the "strokes", as the party and the people trust journalists.

The east area of Xining city

Tibet Garden Community Public Service Center Deputy Director Meng Xiang said, as a grass-roots cadres, to further enhance the "Four Consciousness", based on the actual, clear thinking, the spirit of the six plenary session of the Central Committee into a pragmatic, solid work specific actions.

Ping Ping Town District Huang Zhong Lu community branch secretary Zhang Shoufang said, as the community staff, we are the most direct and close communication with the masses. Next, we want to send the spirit of the assembly to thousands of households, so that more people understand the spirit of the meeting. At the same time, do their best to do their work, do good things for the masses, do practical things.


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