nternet plus travel plans at the forefront of the country Qinghai tourism data platform on line ope

May 13th, Qinghai tourism data platform launched in Xining formally launched. In the future, to green tourists, tourism enterprises in our province, government departments can obtain fine travel information services.

tourism and the Internet is the world’s two most important and emerging economic and social development of the most significant force. In recent years, the provincial government vigorously promote the wisdom tourism construction and put forward the "Internet plus tourism action plan, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the province’s tourism industry. At the beginning of this year, the Provincial Tourism Bureau and Chinese Unicom Qinghai branch in Qinghai Province signed the wisdom of tourism big data cloud platform construction project cooperation agreement, after six months of construction, the project achieved initial results, the provincial tourism center and big data platform and service system of tourism destination in Qinghai.

according to reports, the provincial tourism command center and big data platform includes a system, two centers, three platforms, namely: big data analysis system, tourism cloud data and emergency command center, market supervision and public service platform. Tourism destination system, including the Qinghai provincial tourism administration network, information network and mobile terminal site. After the tourists to Qinghai, want to see what attractions, what to eat, where to live, how to do traffic…… These problems can be solved through this platform." Provincial Tourism Bureau relevant responsible person said, with the Qinghai tourism data platform start and continue to improve the construction of platform, in the future, not only can provide "one-stop" travel information services for tourists, can also provide information dissemination channels and standard data exchange interface for the tourism administrative departments, tourism enterprises, to provide the carrier of information resources sharing for the relevant units.


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