Xining supply and marketing cooperatives actively organize agricultural production and supply for sp

in order to do a good job in 2011 fertilizer, pesticides and other agricultural commodity supply organization to protect the supply, to meet the needs of the masses of farmers for different fertilizers, to ensure the smooth progress of spring production. Attaches great importance to chemical fertilizers and pesticides and other agricultural commodities procurement and reserve management work at all levels of the city’s supply and marketing cooperatives and agricultural enterprises, on the one hand actively with the chemical fertilizer production enterprises to actively organize supply, joint operation, security of supply, meet the needs of farmers for different fertilizer needs; on the other hand, all levels of supply and marketing cooperatives owned business outlets to ensure the quality of agricultural the supply of goods to the hands of the peasant masses at the same time, will actively carry out the "safe agricultural countryside villages" and other activities, increase the intensity of various training activities, the guidance of scientific fertilization medication to farmers to promote soil testing fertilization fertilization method, to encourage farmers to use organic fertilizer,   manure and green manure, fertilizer and method the change of farmers’ habits gradually extensive, and effectively improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer. At the peak of supply to extend Business Hours, carry out the delivery of villages and households convenience measures, and effectively do service work.  

as of now, the city at all levels of the supply and marketing cooperatives cooperatives and agricultural enterprises, have been carefully organized into more than and 280 tons of pesticides, domestic diammonium phosphate   more than 10 thousand and 500 tons, 12500  tons of urea; more than 11 thousand and 100 tons of chemical fertilizer, all kinds of small dozen varieties of fertilizer, a total of more than 34100 tons, compared with the same period last year the total current slightly increased. All kinds of chemical fertilizers has hem to various business outlets. There are still part of the fertilizer is being transported, the total amount of fertilizer is expected to reach about 50000 tons, to meet the needs of the masses of farmers for various types of fertilizers.

this year, spring fertilizer market will show ample supply, many varieties, for farmers to choose range, prices generally rose slightly, the fertilizer market will be a smooth and orderly manner, will not appear out of stock, stock and other phenomena, before and after the Spring Festival, the provincial supply and marketing cooperatives led many in-depth to the grass-roots level of fertilizers and other agricultural distribution outlets, early plan, implement, supervise and inspect the agricultural supply and service work.


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