Two provinces in the province selected the first feature of the town

10 month 14 days, housing and Urban Construction Department announced the first batch of Chinese town features list, the list to enter the town a total of 127, based around the recommendation, the expert review, by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of housing and urban rural construction jointly identified that. Longhua City, Heilongjiang Province, Hui Autonomous County, the town of the group, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Ulan county tea card on the list.

in July 20th this year, the Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Construction and other three ministries issued "notice" on the characteristics of town development work, decided to carry out the feature of the town in the country development work, plans to 2020, about 1000 foster distinctive, vibrant leisure tourism, trade and logistics, modern manufacturing, science and technology education, traditional culture, beautiful other characteristics of livable Town, leading the construction of small towns.

according to the relevant person in charge, the main purpose is to promote the development of small towns in order to promote the development of better conditions. Due to some limitations of institutional mechanisms, is not conducive to some town to participate in market competition, so the mining potential, some characteristics of the town, through the development of some industries can not only promote the development of economy can also absorb the surrounding town part of the rural labor force employment.


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