Xining industrial and commercial investigation of 5 cases of pyramid schemes to destroy the MLM dens

at the end of October, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau were investigated 5 MLM cases, destroyed 12 dens MLM, severance marketing staff of 1300 people, involving up to 47 yuan. Law enforcement officers continue to carry out special rectification campaigns, has achieved remarkable results.

this year, according to the present situation of marketing activities have become increasingly prominent, and more subtle acts, more complex, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau established internal and external integration, linkage to combat pyramid schemes work system, law enforcement officers dispatched more than 1 thousand and 50 passengers. In addition, the characteristics of pyramid schemes to rural areas, the fight against pyramid selling activities into the community, into schools, into the countryside, large-scale promotional activities have also been launched, making the whole society formed a boycott of pyramid schemes atmosphere.


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