Xining encourage private investment in medical institutions

August 8th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau of Xining City, in order to deepen the reform of health system, promote the development of private medical institutions, the formation of the public medical institutions as the leading, accelerate the development of non public medical institutions operating norms and orderly competition diversified medical pattern, the Xining municipal health bureau put forward a number of specific measures to promote the development of private medical institutions.

Xining will continue to implement the for-profit and non-profit medical institutions classification management, encourage the participation of social capital, regulate the access conditions, set the plan in accordance with the regional health planning and medical institutions, the health resources are relatively weak areas of private hospitals run public hospitals, public hospitals and non benign competition, mutual promotion and common development pattern. To this end, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau has introduced 4 medical institutions to supplement the medical resources, has introduced Qinghai Fukang Pharmaceutical Group Company, Qinghai Xining Beverly hospital in new medical resources are relatively weak area of Chaoyang Road north of the city; the introduction of Shanghai Huamei medical era technology development Co. Ltd., is the west area of new Xining Huamei Plastic Surgery Hospital; the introduction of the Beijing Ruijing Hospital Management Co. Ltd., is the East District of Xining city of new private medical institutions in Xining Ruijing diabetes hospital. The total investment amounted to more than two hundred million and five thousand yuan, set up a bed of 310, will provide medical and health services and protection for nearly 50 thousand residents.

in addition, the city actively play the role of private medical institutions in the medical security system, 20 private medical institutions will meet the conditions included in the urban workers, the basic medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural medical cooperative medical institutions shall comply with the provisions of the scope of medical services in urban workers and urban residents basic medical insurance fund payment the scope and the new rural cooperative medical reimbursement funds.

Xining also encourage private medical institutions of science and technology innovation, support private medical institutions, and actively introduce high-end talent, the introduction of new equipment, new technology, organize and carry out scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in many aspects, continue to strengthen the key disciplines and specialty, and the basic conditions for the construction of scientific research innovation team, and private medical institutions to support the introduction of new technologies, to carry out new projects, provide special medical services. Actively guide the private medical institutions to strengthen the construction of talent team, to support the public medical institutions of retirement, resignation, retirement staff to private medical institutions, and for the practice to change procedures according to the provisions.

is reported that the city of Xining also guide social capital in the relative lack of medical resources in urban suburbs and rural areas, the establishment of community health service stations and specialist hospitals. "12th Five-Year" period, Xining city intends to unified bidding, construction of 8 private community health service center, to take the government to buy services, public health services, and the provincial health department in the regional health planning in the new 4 to 6 private hospitals. Xining City Health Bureau will strengthen the supervision of various types of medical institutions from the medical quality, medical behavior, fees and other aspects.

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