Xining tax to promote economic and social development

Xining Municipal State Taxation Bureau is responsible for the State Tax Department of Xining, under the jurisdiction of the East, city, West, north of the city, Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan 7 districts (counties) of the State Administration of taxation. In recent years, Xining Municipal State Taxation Bureau in Qinghai province the IRS and the correct leadership of the municipal government, conscientiously implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, revenue to the organization as the center, to deepen the reform of the power to innovation as the focus, to strengthen grassroots construction and informatization construction as the starting point and end point, firm to establish a scientific outlook on development tax, adhere to the "for the enrichment of the country, in order to tax the people" the purpose of the work, since the 2001-2012 global organization of the tax revenue of 29 billion 82 million yuan, has made outstanding contributions to the economic construction of our province. In the construction of spiritual civilization is fruitful, the Xining Municipal Bureau of taxation is the national civilized units, the overall system of 100% into the provincial level or above, civilized units ranks. In the 2012 year of the national capital city of the province of the taxpayer satisfaction survey in the national capital city ranked the top eighth, the provincial capital city in the first place in the good results of the year in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year 26.

in the future, all the staff of Xining Municipal State Taxation Bureau is full of enthusiasm, to keep pace with the times, be enthusiastic and press on the mental state and pragmatic, solid work style of work, with the spirit of the party’s eighteen as a guide, focus on development goals, a clear development direction, grasp the overall situation of development, strengthen the Xining province service. Efforts to build peace, harmony and stability of tax, tax revenue, continuously promote the all-round coordinated development of Xining tax.

In the face of the platform of interactive communication on the surface of the

to build both sides, to provide diversified and personalized service for the taxpayer, since August 2010, Xining IRS 8 "home of taxpayers" established in the global system, officially opened the "home of taxpayers" as a prelude to vector optimization of tax services activities the. Up to now the taxpayer’s home has entered the University, enterprises and other places to carry out a series of activities to optimize tax services.

taxpayer home mainly for taxpayers to build four platforms. One is to build a training platform, organized by the new tax policies and regulations knowledge training to the taxpayer, the taxpayer to build learning home; the two is to build the "sunshine tax" platform, organized to open the new tax policy, tax penalties, quota approved tax related matters, the spirit of "practical, open and transparent the effective" principle, strengthen the publicity of government affairs, to increase the transparency of policies and procedures, to build the taxpayer satisfaction; three tax rate is to build communication platform, held the theme exchanges, deepen tax services, help enterprises make full use of live, use of tax policy, taxpayers won the trust and support, to create a benign interaction the four is to build a harmonious home; special service platform, according to the demand of the taxpayer to provide on-site service, special services, and real services commitments fall To implement, and strive to build the credibility of the home of taxpayers.

tax eight open

(1) the rights and obligations of taxpayers;

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