Xining’s first youth entrepreneurship contest to start the maximum prize 50 thousand yuan

Let passion sow dream, with the wisdom to open up the cause, do not be a mediocre person, as long as you have a mature entrepreneurial dream or the implementation of high technology content of the initial venture, you can participate in the business competition. In order to further encourage and promote entrepreneurship to create jobs, stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, attract outstanding entrepreneurial talent and entrepreneurial projects in Xining, the municipal government in May 26th August 31st held in Xining first youth entrepreneurship competition. At present, the contest has been officially launched, the winner can receive a maximum prize of 50 thousand yuan, the project settled in Xining, the highest comprehensive incubation base can also be supported by funds of $100 thousand.

– who can participate in the contest according to the Contractor by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the county government, municipal Party committee, women’s federations, federations, Xining evening news, Xining radio, Xining TV and other organized the challenges of the future and Entrepreneurship of Xining "as the theme of youth entrepreneurship contest participants who have clear. Entrepreneurial intention, or are ready to start at the beginning of entrepreneurship of the individuals and groups can apply for entry.

– what kind of projects can participate according to the project requirements: entrepreneurial projects should comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the project itself has commercial value and market value; must have certain market prospects, strong operability and mature, and has a certain capacity of employment; priority for high technology content, the development of less investment, to absorb the employment of more entrepreneurial projects; entrepreneurial project scope in the IT technology development, information services, new and traditional service and creative class; project application must be true and effective, legitimate.

– entrepreneurs how to participate the competition is divided into preliminary and final registration, publicity. In May 27th, the Xining Evening News published entrepreneurship contest announcement, since then, are willing to participate in the competition of the individual or team may apply to the Xining municipal and district (county) labor employment service bureau or by the Xining municipal labor and employment service network ( for registration. Participants can contact telephone 6128486 or log in to [email protected] for details.

– all kinds of bonuses to help you venture competition set a first prize, two prize two, third-prize three, first prize of 50 thousand yuan, two prize 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan third-prize; winners project settled in Xining City, comprehensive business incubators give first prize winners in 100 thousand yuan, two prize 50 thousand third-prize yuan, 30 thousand yuan to support the venture capital; excellent project in the base to give 10 thousand yuan to support the venture capital; the first stage before the 100 entrepreneurs in the base can provide 5-10 million full discount free small business loans counter guarantee.


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