nsight into the psychological operation of these customers shop no problem

The so-called

in a shop, to win more customers trust, you need a better understanding of consumer demand, as long as it can make the store to win market initiative. As long as the shop owner insight into the following customer psychology, it is not difficult to successfully operate the store.

A, conformity

in franchise sales process, conformity is a characteristic of the consumers to the performance is very prominent, such as when the clerk told the customer will say today has sold many products, some products are now sold only one customer, you will find this a good product, the chance to buy it will be very big. In addition, by creating a number of unpopular scenarios to guide consumer spending, but also the effective use of customer herd mentality.

two, the value of the brand psychological


the franchise brand when the choice, must choose the more well-known, relatively strong brands, such as hand foot care industry well-known brands a ransheng, such stores can make full use of the psychology of customers, promote sales reach.

three, psychological comparisons

four, love "bargain" psychological

the common customer psychology mainly has several shops, operators in the insight into the psychological.

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