How to open shop to increase repeat customers


said the shop is a good choice, however, now open shop is more and more people, leading to business is also increasingly difficult. In fact, for the shop, traffic is critical, there will be no sales volume. The key is the sales of repeat customers, customers for the first time, if not well, the next time to go home. After sales service quality price received by the customer, then there will be second, the third, more transactions or more transactions. Therefore, repeat customers are very important in sales, so we should learn the method.

· a good greeting is a good start. When customers visit your shop, ask "in", we must grasp the discretion this time, should immediately answer, not only to enthusiasm, and can not act with undue haste. If you are in a leisurely manner, I went to a customer, if the answer is fast, sales is very strong, can lead to customer dissatisfaction, so to grasp the sense of propriety, answer the customer "in", not only in a word, to show enthusiasm. Waiting for customers to choose.

· the customer is our God, to let customers have the feeling of God, therefore in the process of communication, with the word "you" and so on "kiss", "sorry" in communication, to narrow the distance between each other, the customer as their friends, of course, the customer is various, we should learn to sing what song in what hill. So that the strange relationship becomes cordial, and thus enhance the trading volume of the shop.

· the introduction of products, you have to show your baby a little strange, out of the ordinary to attract to our customers, of course, need to be realistic, not exaggeration, so that when the customer receives the baby, feel a strong sense of loss, will therefore have a negative feedback in the comments or, to the shop business.

· to give our customers some unexpected surprises, send cards, or a small gift, let the customer feel value for money, more customers to put forward suggestions for improvement, timely help to update their own, so as to help shop operation.

· to give some discount on the price of our customers, give customers a reason to buy into the shop again, how much to send what, or how to become our member, this is

way to attract our customers

· customer first business success in trading, after a period of time, shop operators can send greetings and blessings of their own, especially during the holidays, if we can know the customer’s birthday, we can also go to the customer, so that customers feel that the friendship with you.


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