Entrepreneurial Nanjing talent plan for the implementation of four types of personnel to provide qua

chose Nanjing as the entrepreneurial base of entrepreneurial talent, can not miss "venture in Nanjing" Talents Scheme, the implementation of the plan for the four types of personnel to provide differentiated personalized support, the following is a detailed introduction, a look!

as a "venture in Nanjing" talent the implementation of new rules, yesterday, municipal office and the municipal government office jointly issued a "science and technology leading experts plan implementation rules", "gathering innovative entrepreneurs", "rules for the implementation of the cultivation plan of high-level talents introduction plan implementation rules", "youth students start to lead the program" implementation rules "," Nanjing entrepreneurial talent plan objectives and tasks of assessment methods (Trial) "file" 4+1 ", as the science and technology leading experts and innovative entrepreneurs, high-level talents and young students of these four types of entrepreneurial talent in Nanjing to provide differentiated personalized support.

The detailed rules for the implementation of

the release, including reporting conditions, reporting and review procedures, policy, organization guarantee etc.. From the contents of the file, the more prominent talent for industry matching and contribution to encourage talent and technology companies or industrial platform grafting cooperation, transformation of scientific research achievements.

highlight the dominant position of the enterprise, evaluation of top experts, the basic conditions for both the talents, also see enterprise science and technology research and development, business performance, the founder of the talents of science and technology enterprises, with the industrialization of scientific research supporting, to the enterprise culture in the "thousand" and "million" talents, directly to the enterprise support.

Standardize the management of

in reporting procedures, four types of people have different ways. Top experts in science and technology and innovative entrepreneurs to implement online reporting, special service window acceptance, centralized review once a year. High level of entrepreneurial talent in the city declared a unified website to declare acceptance. Young college students can start at any time through the Nanjing human resources service network "college students entrepreneurship" column to declare.

"Nanjing entrepreneurial talent plan target assessment tasks into a comprehensive evaluation system of the city. It is worth noting that the new talent assessment by the quantity index, performance index and service index is composed of three parts, which is the focus of assessment, performance indicators, accounting for 60%, the quality and efficiency of the main assessment District Yucai cited only, the other is recommended

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