The two principles of the design of retail stores

small retail stores, do this is a small business, do not have enough money for a large range of publicity, also do not have enough money to sell novelty to make consumers remember, can only rely on the name, so the name of the design, there are certain requirements, the general is to abide by the "two the principle of" what is this principle?

1. concise. The name is simple, concise and lively, easy to communicate with consumers, and the shorter the name, the more likely to arouse the customer’s reverie, meaning richer. Most of the high visibility of the retail shop is very simple, the name for one of the 2 and 3 syllables.

2. unique. The name should have a unique personality, avoid duplication, to avoid confusion with other retail shop. Such as Japan’s Sony Corp (SONY), formerly known as the Tokyo communications industry company, the original name of the original name of the three letters of the alphabet TTK. But the product in the future to enter the United States, while the United States the name innumerable such as ABC, NBC, RCA, at & T, etc..

All products are registered trademarks of

3. novel. This means that the name to be fresh, to catch up with the trend of the times, the creation of new concepts, such as the word KODAK (Kodak) in the English Dictionary simply can not find, in itself, does not have any meaning, but from

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