What are the conditions of the Han River South Korea join

Han Han Ting Korean restaurant this brand? If you want to join the club to meet what conditions? The following specific introduction.

Han Han Ting Korean cuisine project introduction

Han Ting Korean cuisine is a Chinese restaurant to provide authentic Korean cuisine. Pay attention to decoration, not the same as the dining experience to consumers. Han Ting Korean cuisine quaint and elegant decorative style, green glazed tile, curling edge angle and the traditional "entrance" and a warm and comfortable room color, opened a new page of Hainan Korean delicacy. Han Ting Korean cuisine belongs to South Korea is commerce Co. Ltd. from South Korea successfully introduced Emmett Korean barbecue buffet brand, in less than two years the brand in the Chinese Emmett ting with Shanghai, Wuxi, Yantai, Haikou, the development of a chain of seven enterprises in Changshu; Han Ting Group, the brand, the diversification and expansion of the road will be go wide.

Ting Korean cuisine combines consumption characteristics Chinese, carefully integrate the pizza and snacks, dozens of flavor fashion drinks, with a new sales model, close to the public, the ting Korean food and is equipped with a variety of delicious snacks and drinks coffee, tea, ice etc.. Simple, casual, elegant, stylish environment for the pursuit of romantic people ran; pizza, steak, coffee, snacks make fashion people were unable to stop, when the attractive color, delicious fragrance appear in the table, your enthusiasm is not delicacy again ignite


Han Ting Korean petty bourgeoisie, let you forget. Han Ting South Korean cuisine to join, fiery, and look forward to your joining, to create a wealth of life!

Han Ting Ting Han Korean cuisine Korean cuisine join conditions:

a, franchisee qualification:

can identify Hanjiang Korean cuisine Ting business philosophy, it can be used as a long-term undertaking, and can keep the good reputation and image in the course of business; have a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, love in this industry; a qualification of independent legal person and certain management ability.

two, capital and store requirements:

have the appropriate financial strength, a single investment of more than fifty thousand yuan of funds. To meet with the headquarters of Hanjiang Korean food stores open ting the street shops; shop area of 15-50 square meters.

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