To migrant workers returning home to raise awareness of migrant workers Entrepreneurship

now migrant workers entrepreneurship has become a social trend, at the same time, affected by the national policy, there are now many migrant workers have answered their hometown to start a business the way to get rich, so, the majority of migrant workers need to pay attention to what time in the business?

work to South gold and returning migrant workers, due to local business downturn. Relevant departments of the country’s latest survey data show that about 9 million of migrant workers to return home.

put two roads in front of migrant workers: a "re employment", one is "from the start". According to a retired self-employed for 4 years and recently exit experience, advise the return of migrant workers: the preferred "re employment", "careful since the start".


money, not the market can not start. Just returned from the gold rush in the south, may have a little savings, coupled with the government has introduced a small loan guarantee policy, with the start-up funding conditions. However, it is not easy to choose entrepreneurship projects. Some enterprises in the south for decades, has formed a relatively stable market, have encountered a market crisis. The new project is best for the strength of large and medium-sized enterprises supporting, or for the country, the local investment projects will start soon. Depending on the export of export-oriented market, sometimes may be tempting, but because of asymmetric information, often deceived.

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