Suzhou real estate market in the face of three limit policy start

this year, housing prices in Suzhou as one of the four tigers in the country, there is a substantial increase, but some unscrupulous businessmen to drive up the price of the phenomenon is repeated. Suzhou City Price Bureau, 8, said that after nearly half a month of commercial housing special inspection. At present, the price of housing and other departments have jointly identified 22 alleged cover plate reluctant sellers, the price tag is not the price tag, the element is not complete, the label content is not updated in a timely manner the issue of illegal housing prices. Another 3 companies were criticized by the State Ministry of housing.

since September 23rd, the Suzhou Department of housing prices, the masses are strongly commercial housing sales illegal strike out, jointly launched a special inspection of commercial housing. For the alleged cover plate reluctant sellers, driving up prices, the relevant departments will advance warning, warning interviews, interviews, the warning is still correct, severely punished severely according to law. For the alleged false discount, false preferential price fraud, the relevant departments will conduct warning interviews, reduce the credit rating, suspended net signed, and depending on the severity of illegal administrative penalties.

As of

7, inspection teams have 65 real estate development enterprises, of which 22 suspected of property hoarding, drive up prices, the label content is not updated in a timely manner and other illegal issues. Otherwise, Suzhou long Macro Properties Limited, Huarun group (Suzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hengli 3 enterprises by the State Ministry of housing informed criticism.

at present, in view of the overheated real estate market, Suzhou has launched the "three limit" policy, the non permanent residents in the city to buy the first suite to provide two years in Suzhou city (including Wujiang District), Kunshan City, Taicang City, a total of one year tax or social security proof, and ban the purchase of two suites. The city’s household registration ban purchase fourth suites.

statistics show that during the National Day holiday Suzhou commercial housing turnover of 2249 units, compared with the same period last year rose by 70%. Prices, according to data provided by the Suzhou municipal housing and Construction Bureau, has been from October 2nd to 22 thousand yuan / square meter fell to around 13 thousand yuan / square meter around 6.

real estate prices and small make up the same as ordinary people, can only touch their pockets, the moment is the truth as to buy a house or let nature take its course. According to the Suzhou Municipal Price Bureau staff, the commercial housing sales price behavior will continue until November 30th this year. After the end of the inspection will be turned into routine inspections, normalization supervision, to ensure market stability. What do you think of the future prices? Do you need to buy a house recently?

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