Laundry liquid dug out of a new gold rise huge space

with the continuous changes in people’s needs, clothing cleaning products are constantly upgrading, and constantly improve. When the laundry powder off the fate of laundry soap, may not think that one day also faces the revolution". According to the survey of

"I think companies will not miss this opportunity." Liby group vice president Xu Xiaodong confesses to the "First Financial Daily", although not like washing powder instead of soap, a revolutionary product, but there is no doubt that the washing liquid has become the trend of future products, but also on the frontier is entering the "Warring States era".

"now this basically has been a breakthrough, is the typical representative of blue moon, deep clean nursing liquid detergent launched in 2008, the decontamination effect is 20% higher than the national standard of washing powder." Insiders said.

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