Dezhou entrepreneurial subsidies to receive a number of years

in order to encourage more entrepreneurs, and now there are many places in the country have related subsidies for entrepreneurship. However, if you want to receive these subsidies, but with a number of years of life, not what kind of time can be collected. Dezhou entrepreneurial subsidies is the case, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce its life requirements.

" I was a blind man, opened a blind massage shop in the Bay market, there are policies that blind entrepreneurs to provide business subsidies, but I did not receive." Recently, Wucheng County call Mr. reflect public hotline, he submitted the application materials to the county CDPF, but was told that the business license is handled in 2012, does not meet the conditions of subsidies. He would like to ask the relevant departments to give a reasonable response to the grant conditions.

for Mr. Su doubts, reporters to the city CDPF, city people club Bureau and other relevant departments to carry out consultation. According to reports, in April of this year, the city issued a helping disabled people in Dezhou (blind) employment entrepreneurship program. In support of policy, for the first time on the business license and the normal operation of over 1 years, to give a one-time subsidy of 15 thousand yuan business according to the provisions have been made; health care massage teacher occupation qualification certificate of the disabled, establish a massage shop for registration of individual industrial and commercial households and comply with the relevant conditions, the community sector to give a one-time subsidy of 5000 yuan according to the provisions of entrepreneurship.

city and Social Council staff, according to the provisions of the "measures" management of funds to support the Shandong province business employment registration after October 1, 2013, and in accordance with the conditions of employment registration business personnel, before they can apply for business subsidies. As Mr. Su’s business license in 2012, does not meet this requirement, and therefore can not enjoy the relevant support policies.

if you are ready to receive such a subsidy, then, first of all, the relevant policies need to be fully understood, so as to be able to know whether they have the qualifications to receive this subsidy. In short, if you want to receive subsidies for entrepreneurship in Dezhou, business license may need to be registered after October 1, 2013 can oh.

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