A small business venture VS you know the difference between it

white and black is a good brother, is also a good neighbor, they live in the scorching car late country. The car is located on the edge of the equator. Especially in the summer, large sun was like a fire, not stopped, the overwhelming MEIZHE on your body is hot like fire. Searing, so unhappy!

is the time for a backyard shade!

black is a snapadoo guy, he rushed out of the room, into the shop, very impulse buy a huge sunshade. In the bright sunshine, the heavy black sunshade onto the backyard, installation, reinforcement, the collocation of beach chair. After a busy, black backyard with a cool. He was lying on the beach chair, from the bucket out of iced beer, sip, while reading, the hot sun has been separated from the huge sunshade, life seems to be better. Some  . He is very satisfied with the result.

white character is quite calm, after he and white friends talk for a while, go to the nursery to buy a small saplings, and then plant the tree to the backyard, watering, fertilization, pruning, care.

to buy shade trees! Is this the art of behavior? Is he crazy?

white not crazy, crazy.

After many times of

white to plant trees, he studied the local soil and climate, different from the nursery to buy different types of seedlings, continuous experiment. Finally, there is a small tree to survive, and began to grow rapidly, the great white extremely happy, and pay   a greater effort. In the process, the White did not get any benefits, this tree is only used more water, fertilizer and time. A lot of people think that white is really crazy. Especially black.

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