How to cook Xian’s art small Hot pot

do you know what is the most affectionate expression in the moment? I love you until the end of time, The end of life. But I love you, we go to eat boiled small Xian’s art Hot pot! Why do you ask? You may also not understand, what is the causal link between the two? We do not have what can convince you of reason, just want to say when you really have to eat boiled small Yi Xian’s Hot pot, you will be deeply felt: love her, take her to eat and cook Xian’s art small Hot pot!

what do you want to do in such a cold weather?. If you can, I want to wrap a quilt, a fire on the Kang, live in a pot of small Hot pot, fully and delightfully eat a afternoon. The construction of socialist thing we do tomorrow? Now I just want to have a fat undivided attention.

eat boiled Xian’s small Hot pot art easily help you achieve small wish you.

a copy of the Hot pot on the table a reeky, hot rolling on the nostrils. Put all ingredients, after boiling, a deep breath, you can smell the salty and spicy pot, meat delicious, fresh leaves…… Catch up with a piece of oil in a dish, put in the mouth, at that moment, I am the happiest person in the world!

it’s a little hot pot to eat and drink! The first soup, meat more sweet. Boil the soup to join Xian’s artistic tastes but very exquisite, exquisite three: first, what all don’t put, taste the most authentic taste of the soup; second, after boiled mutton soup is delicious exception; third, 1000 million after rolling boil soup, eat so the nutritional ingredients are integrated into the inside of the

is now not advocating that a group of people around the hot pot to eat things, but with their loved ones in the cold winter to eat a small pot, enjoy the happy time. If you eat boiled small Yi Xian’s Hot pot interested please join in our website, the message below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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