Boutique Leshan made to achieve sales of more than 120 yuan

in rapid economic development although economic development in some regions is relatively lagging, but know how to combine their own advantages, to play their own characteristics, but also can better promote their own development, Leshan is such a real column. The day before, the reporter learned from Leshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, quality "made in Leshan" from the 4 days of "Chongqing trade fair" in green, ecological and economical "made in Leshan" products for consumers and merchants in Chongqing, to achieve on-site sales of more than 120 yuan, the signing of the agreement the amount of 23 million yuan, Leshan famous special new again the product has taken new breakthrough in Jiazhou city.

It is reported that

, to implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Committee and the Leshan municipal government on promoting the supply side structural reform spirit, give full play to the role of consumption in stimulating economic development, Leshan City Business Bureau grasp the enterprise to improve the product quality, grab the opportunity to expand the market, to cultivate the "made in Leshan" local brand promotion "Leshan made products market share and reputation.

10 month 13 days to 16 days, by the fourth session of the Chinese (Chongqing) commodity trade fair platform, led by a 50 "made in Leshan" well-known enterprises holding quality "made in Leshan" Chongqing seminar, Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce inspector Li Weimin, Chongqing business committee member, deputy inspector Sun Huapei, Leshan municipal government deputy mayor Zhou Lunbin and other leaders to be guided.

the promotion, presents "Leshan Museum", "Leshan", "Leshan tide", "Leshan wind", "made in Leshan" five characteristics such as the theme, highlighting the cultural features of Leshan have a unique style.

boutique "Leshan Museum" unveiled mountain through the "Leshan road"

13 day, a district of a feature, a table of a boutique Leshan Pavilion debut, Chongqing intersection, high-end, the shape of the atmosphere attracted numerous Chongqing citizen vision. The exhibition hall in red tone, an area of 1000 square meters, Leshan into the elements of the design, and the main entrance of LED screen scrolling Leshan tourism and business promotion, promotional video, the beauty of Leshan delicacy; products with "high quality, green, ecological features, product categories covering tea, agricultural and sideline products, handicrafts, industrial products etc..

exhibition hall is divided into four regions, 2 Food Exhibition "playing around" design, convenient for customers to buy and taste; tea pavilion open design, which is convenient for the customers to negotiate the exchange of tea, the brigade set up; exhibition display wall, showcase, convenient art product exhibition; also the ad hoc Leshan tourism resources showcase, issued Leshan tourism map, delicacy album, driven by popular venue.

Leshan city selected 11 counties (city, district) 50 famous special new exhibitors, around the "Emei world show boutique Leshan" theme, showcasing exhibition in the city more than 300 kinds of special new products, carry out various docking and recommended

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