To save money 26 merit of entrepreneurs

a lot of entrepreneurial friends are limited budget, so in the limited financial budget, how to achieve a reasonable allocation, save money? For entrepreneurs to invest in this issue, small series for the majority of entrepreneurs to recruit a recruit! The print cartridge

1. save office expenses to buy reusable. Find local provide recycled printer cartridges suppliers from search engines or directory.

2. using the free form: no need to go local office store to buy a table or on your own time, you can find a lot of free form on the Internet, you can download and customize, and then print.

3. for free software: many software download sites offer hundreds of software products, including full free software, free trial software, or a limited version of the complete software product. Some software vendors are also available on the website for free trial download.

4. to buy second-hand equipment: the purchase of second-hand computer equipment, copiers and office furniture, can save up to 60% of the cost, from the store, the auction industry and classified ads and other information can be found.

1. began using the Internet search on your market positioning, through online forums to find potential customers for the products or services you may be interested in.

2. set up an online store: do you think it takes a lot of effort and energy to develop e-commerce? So you can start with the auction site. If you want to build a professional online store, there are a number of one-stop service provider, usually only pay a very low cost.

3. and users to communicate with the Internet: looking for those who cater to the needs of your audience forums and communities, and join. Add your company’s Web site in your signature, of course, to provide useful information, people will click on your site.

4. spread self: are you trying to get people to know your site? Try to address on your letterhead, name card and email signature, all potential consumers will likely see it. It can also be printed on the uniforms, to be issued publicity materials, all press releases, Yellow Pages advertising and company vehicles.

1. money to the promotion of more by advertising: the company’s advertising materials together with other documents such as invoices, delivery, so you can save freight and other charges. In the same way, when a customer is shopping, bring him a bag of coupons, newsletters, or other promotional leaflets, which can increase the chance to buy more.

2. to promote cooperation: with the company’s business related to the promotion of the surrounding enterprises to share advertising and promotional costs. To work with a company that sells complementary goods or services, to conduct outdoor promotions, or to take a marketing alliance to share mailing lists, distribution channels

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