Shandong Lanling new year visits entrepreneurs invited Jin Phoenix

by the Spring Festival, each county township grass-roots organizations in the use of all of the homecoming season, carry out home business publicity. Hope that through exchanges, attract more stay at home a person with breadth of vision development, Kam nest.

2 month 10, new year’s day. The thick flavor is diffused in the beautiful countryside, the sound of firecrackers far and near, can be heard without end. In this family reunion, Go Pro Series friends leisure holiday, a group of people busy with this festival are misfits".

"after years ago the first phase of the mapping, communication, party organization in the third home high-level talent festival held a forum on the one hand, to understand their work and study, on the other hand is the hope they use cutting-edge knowledge and ideas, to provide innovative ideas for the development of home, and mobilize them to use its own funds, technical advantages of home business." Under the village Party Secretary Che Yancang said.

data show that since 2015, the county has 119 outstanding successful home business, start construction project enterprise 125, of which 81 projects, 18 contracted projects, the intention of the project 26, plans a total investment of 10 billion 700 million yuan.

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