Humor can be a stepping stone to the business process

business process, if you can make good use of humor, I believe the business is very helpful. May day is coming, I went up to a new batch of goods. Considering the return of migrant workers more, each will prepare some feast, so I put some wine for wholesale reserved dozens of boxes, asked the wife to write a brand that can retail.

afternoon to deliver the goods back to see the brand really hang out. I was so happy that I gave my wife half a day to go shopping.

a few moments later, several customers came. One of the glasses, a glimpse of the door signs, can not help but laugh. I can not help but wonder, and asked him: "master, what do you laugh ah?"

the man looked at me and said, "don’t you see what’s wrong? Thanks to the wine industry also played a name, because there are many culture a boss?"

I listen to this is a bit harsh, but they must be to come to buy things, and they may have really had the wrong first, so I hold back the gas, and quickly look at the sign. It turned out that the brand is now retail, a word wrong, zero written in another. The customer with disdain tone said to me: "see you write the words?" I looked at him and smiled and said, "come on, don’t stand up to the knife!" Several people listen to, all laugh, the mood is very good they bought a lot of things.

can knock on the door of humor. Because the language of humor has a distinct personality and interest, it is easy to attract the attention of customers, leaving a deep impression. The people in the village across several small shops, all the way to the shop to buy the goods to my neighbors, Aunt Wang see, said: "there is no other reason, is that we all love to listen to you, you can make people laugh." Humor can also change the topic, eliminating the customer’s questions. Village head Wang aunt to my shop to buy something, I recommended to her shop is on sale of socks, welcome 51 preferential price of 8 dollars a pair. She pinched to say: "8 dollars is not very cheap ah!"

I hastened to explain to her: "we can all be brand, in the same quality socks are already the cheapest!" Wang Shen still hesitate, ask: "can you buy a gift?"

I had an idea, says: "yes, no problem! We always buy a pair of socks!" Wang Shen laughed and said you this boy, really vernacular! She bought two pairs, finally did not haggle over the price.

to do business if the business is every rhythm, business is no doubt what help. So, I always think: if there is no laughter in the business, even if you earn more money, the business is not perfect, the heart is not happy. Humor can recommend light

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