Li Xinhai and his new opportunity

some people may be born with the ideal of entrepreneurship, but also in the ongoing struggle for this ideal, Li Xinhai is such an entrepreneur. From the University began to work hard, although now only 30 of the grade, but has had some achievements. In the face of the future, he is still struggling!

Li Xinhai, Han nationality, born in 1986 in Liaoning, Chaoyang, Beipiao, China, in 2005 came to Shenyang, Liaoning Finance Vocational College, majoring in business administration. During the period of school founded Guangxin entrepreneurship Association held 300 large keynote speeches and business competition. In 2008, he was admitted to the tourism management specialty of Shenyang Normal University, in which he set up a training camp for college students". Five years of college, he has been constantly challenging themselves, breaking the limit, has accumulated rich experience in social practice. After graduating from college, Li Xinhai by virtue of the practical experience during the school, into a large enterprise as training commissioner.

he was not such a stable job satisfaction, constantly learning to read, learning to participate in social training, corporate training division, the division of human resources management, the wedding host, also met a lot of industry professionals, from whom I have learned valuable experience is not much on the books. In May 2011, Li Xinhai founded " Shen city HR club " later renamed " human resources new strength " now has developed into a local HR public exchange platform.

two years later, Li Xinhai quit his job, bent toward his dream of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial project called the new opportunity network, the site has three directions, one is to give customers a chance to find a job, because many companies and job seekers in the recruitment difficulties, docking difficulties. Two is to give customers a chance to learn and grow, because many entrepreneurs and job seekers need to improve personal ability. The three is to give new opportunities to customers a chance to communicate with each other, because everyone needs a friend. In short, is the job, training, interactive three modules.

2014 March 3rd, Shenyang Zhucheng Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was formally established, under the platform of " " network; new opportunity; formal operation, after Li Xinhai, the five step into the original research and development division, "entrepreneurship camp" series of courses, to help entrepreneurs in Shenyang. Although there are only 14 people enrolled in the class, but for him to earn the start-up funds. On the road of entrepreneurship, he never stopped going forward, after a year of painstaking exploration, Li Xinhai has launched four lectures, sales growth record, training system, such as the course of the eight steps.

in this year, he was invited to participate in the China (Shenyang) creative entrepreneurship contest project, do business training for the contestants, and walked into the university campus employment guidance, as recommended