Poor migrant workers how to go home in Guangzhou launched free high speed rail

in life, although some people work all year round, but he did not earn any money, so let this part of the people how to go home for the new year, has become the focus of attention of many cities! Yesterday morning, from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Guangxi Baise poor migrant workers free high-speed train, go home to celebrate the new year joy filled with the whole car. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Xu Shaohua and the provincial government office, provincial agency office responsible person came to the car, for the return of poor migrant workers send New Year wishes and love spree encouraged them to return to work after strengthening the skills of learning, to continue to support the construction of Guangdong, and waved farewell to the train station.

according to the Provincial Department of human resources and social responsible person, Guangdong province is a large province of migrant workers, in recent years to work in Guangdong provinces to maintain about 16 million people. Provincial Party committee and provincial government has always been very concerned about the production and living conditions of migrant workers in Guangdong Province, in recent years to take a series of measures to strengthen humane care to improve the employment environment.

2017 Spring Festival is approaching, to further highlight the humane care of migrant workers in different places of the provincial government, combined with the precise poverty, poor East cooperation work plan, human resources and social security department with poor labor output and railway departments to participatory poor labor poverty alleviation in our province and eastern regions for targeted aid the main object, carry out the spring free train ride home poor labor activities, to help them solve the tickets difficult, difficult issues such as home, let them safe and orderly, happily go home together.

after careful coordination, this year the Provincial Department of human resources and social security arrangements of the four direction of the line, the poor labor organization ride home to Guangxi, the Baise to arrange a high-speed train, and Guangxi Hechi, Hunan Jishou, Hubei Yunxi in Guangdong workers filing riser poverty labor return train ticket gift, benefit the poor labor 1375 people.

from Guangdong province people club hall to understand, from the beginning of October last year before the Spring Festival to the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, transportation and other departments to carry out joint organization in the province for a period of 3 months pay special inspection action, and urge all enterprises in accordance with the agreed payment of cash wages, and severely punish malicious wages paid escape behavior. During the festival around the community sector will also carry out a variety of warmth, skills competition, praise and other activities, to create a good atmosphere for the whole society to care for the respect of the migrant workers in different places.

poor migrant workers how to go home? Through this article we can see that the introduction of free high-speed rail in Guangzhou, so that the majority of poor people can also embark on the journey home! After the holiday, focus on remediation of human resources market order special action, and severely punish illegal employment and black intermediary, purification of human resources market environment. To organize the "spring action", "Guangdong chunnuan" a series of employment service activities, strengthen information guide, strengthen labor docking, helping them to achieve employment as soon as possible.