Open shop open shop for how to improve the conversion rate

is now a lot of friends in the open shop, there are a lot of online sellers in the complaint, store traffic can also, but why is not converted into an effective order? Conversion rate is not high for home shop is a great worry. So how to improve the conversion rate? Small series for you to answer this.

the price factor. We all know that the Lining brand is the first brand of sports shoes, prices have been maintained at more than 300 yuan, the seller sold 128 yuan, also known as the "70 percent off", so the price is very low, meet a lot of money really want to wear brand-name customers, the "70 percent off" that no one knows is true, but the word "70 percent off" did receive a miraculous, maybe actually is "50 percent off" or "30 percent off" that, we can learn about the skills in the title belt also wrote "unwarranted" "discount" is also very useful!

by description to improve transaction conversion rate in the back page: baby baby details page, add the following:

1. (discounted season, the last three days, clearance) to allow users to feel after the village is not the store, to give customers a sense of urgency, buy is to make sense.

2. post or send a small gift (change, package and other small deals not only promote the transaction, but also effectively promote the sales of other goods store).

3. packages and related baby advertising links. Here to remind colleagues, don’t put those promotional advertising links on the front, this will only let the customer see foggy, so that the conversion rate decline.