Food and beverage store food service can not be less

as a result of eating outside diners are more and more people are eating a lot of food has become more and more familiar, because such a dining environment, a lot of food and beverage outlets have canceled food service. In fact, if you want the restaurant business is booming, food service is not less.

has a field tour to Beijing, and the restaurant is booked in a traditional Beijing roast duck restaurant. The vast majority of the group is the first time to Beijing.

in order to let the foreign guests feel the charm of Beijing traditional delicacy, the manager arranged a special experience for the guest chefs Roasted Duck decomposition. The whole operation of skilled chefs in place, let the foreign guests enjoy, is also full of praise. After a good roast duck on the table, the next service should be led by the waiter, but the waiter did not receive notice, or in accordance with the usual standing next to the service.

all the guests are looking at this market small dishes, do not know how to operate. Tour guide to see the embarrassment of the guests, and quickly called the waiter to the side, quietly ordered to let the waiter for the guests sub dishes, the roast duck to teach everyone.


waiter began to explain Roasted Duck eating, and rolled himself a duck roll to demonstrate again. After that, the guests understand how to eat this Beijing roast duck.


Roasted Duck shop attendant did not vary by serving, not aware of the need to eat Roasted Duck inform you for foreign guests, for food service appropriate, led to the embarrassment of customers. Thus, sub food service in the restaurant service is a very important content.

food service is in the form of the customer to see the overall shape of the dishes, according to the number of services by the service staff to conduct a uniform and reasonable distribution of dishes, but also some places called pie or food service. Nowadays people pay more and more attention to health and diet for health is even more so, food service is convenient for every customer to eat, but also avoid the cross dish chopsticks, can effectively prevent disease spread. At the same time, the waiter also can effectively help ease the work of the owner in the food service, can have more time to exchange with the guests.

in a number of important parties, each dish needs to be served in a different way. For zero customers, usually according to the dishes, mainly for some special dishes of vegetables, such as soup and other dishes, ordinary dishes to customers to pick up.

food service according to the different characteristics of the banquet is not the form of service etiquette is also different, but in general is to facilitate the customer to eat, to help customers do not disturb the principle of the main dishes.